About The Studio
VOCOMOTION is an award-winning, vocal-centric recording facility located in Skokie, Illinois (greater Chicago area) run by Freddie Feldman. We've been handling all aspects of your vocal recording project from beginning to end since 1998. The studio was designed by renowned architect John Storyk (Jimi Hendrix, Alicia Keys, Timbaland, Green Day) in 2008 and completed construction in 2009. We offer "remote producing" for groups who cannot travel to Chicago to record. We'll work with you to help you record your album in your hometown, then send it to us to mix, edit, and master.
Reasons to Record/Mix Your A Cappella Album with VOCOMOTION:

Proven Record - Over 100 great a cappella albums and counting... Groups from ten countries (US, Canada, England, Austria, Slovenia, Denmark, Singapore, India, Venezuela, the Netherlands), piles of Best Of College Acappella awards (BOCA), Contemporary Acappella Recording Awards (CARA), CARA nominations, Best of CollegeDesis, Songs Inspired By Literature (SIBL) awards, and more.

We Know A Cappella - Freddie Feldman has performed in several different high school, collegiate, and professional a cappella groups over the past 16 years. He was also an album reviewer for the Recorded Acappella Review Board (RARB) and has published over 40 album reviews. Freddie is a Voting Member of the National Academy of Recordings Arts and Sciences (Grammys). He also sat on the Board of Directors for the Contemporary Acappella Society (CASA) for four years.

We Know Vocal Percussion - Aside from being an accomplished vocal percussionist, Freddie Feldman is the inventor of The Thumper, the only microphone designed specifically for vocal percussion. He has presented at the East Coast A Cappella Summit, SingStrong DC, and other festivals on the subject of recording vocal percussion. When you go to another studio, you are doing your vocal percussion art a disservice because they just don't know how to record and mix vocal percussion properly.

Excellent Equipment - We've got great sounding equipment. We use only the finest in professional recording components, each piece being chosen for it's ability to make voices sound great. We use unusal pieces of gear in unusual & extreme ways in order to craft voices into sounding the way we want. You get 192-tracks of 24-bit digital audio, a full selection of effects, and Freddie Feldman's expertise in using them to make you sound great!

Remote Recording - Can't get to Chicago? No problem! We can come to you! We've got a great mobile rig available to us. Or you can record your tracks where you are and send them to us to mix and master.

Comfortable Working Environment - VOCOMOTION is a no-stress, no-pressure, comfortable working environment, conveniently located in Skokie, Illinois (just outside Chicago). The studio is easily accessible by car and subway (El).

Online Project Management - Using the Facebook application, ProducerLink, you can follow the progress of your album's production. Listen to mixes, report fixes/changes to the Producer, track your billing, and more. Custom written by VOCOMOTION, this unique application makes it fun to work on your album!

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