Equipment List

Recording System
ProTools 10 HD & Reaper
Mac Mini quad-core i7 2.6ghz with 16gb RAM
Apogee Symphony I/O 8x8 and Thunderbridge
UA Apollo Twin Duo
On-site and Off-Site Redundant Audio Backups
Monster PowerCenter 3500 Pro Power Conditioner (x2)
Dual LCDs (52" & 32")

Focal Twin6Be (x2)
Crane Song Avocet Monitor Control System
Phonon SMB-02 Subtonic Monitor Headphones
Sony MDR-7506 (x6)
Enhanced Audio M600 Microphone Mount
Lawson L251 tube
Aston Origin
Sontronics SIGMA active ribbon
Neumann TLM103
VOCOMOTION Thumper TH70, TH100
Shure SM58 & SM57
Beyerdynamic TX30

RCA 74B ribbon
RCA SK-46 ribbon
Beyerdynamic M808 (x2)
Peiker TM24A
Telefunken D-77

Mic Pre-amps
BAE 1084 pre/eq
Great River ME-1NV
Aphex 107

Inward Connections VacRac TSL-4
API 2500 Bus Compressor
ADR F769-X Vocal Stresser
EMT 266 Transient Limiter
SPL Transient Designer 2
Dane Optical De-esser #31
KuSh Audio Clariphonic Parallel Equalizer
Klein+Hummel UE-400 Stereo Equalizer
LaFont LP-24 Cinema Filter Set
dbx 120XP Subharmonic Synthesizer (x2)

Other Outboard Processors
Bricasti M7 Reverb
DaySequerra Mono2Stereo
Dolby 361 & Cat 22 card (custom "vocal stretch" modified) (x2)
Sky SoundLab VoiceSpectra Vocoder
Electrix Warpfactory Vocoder
VOCOMOTION Labs Armor Reverb (one-of-a-kind!)
Orban/Parasound 245E Stereo Synthesizer

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